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welcome part 2..

if you dont want to just do things about Avril, then how about just anything thats even remotly related to Avril. example: Shes engaged to deryck whibley, and hes in the band Sum 41, whos among the favorites of Simple Plan and Good Charlotte who let Mandy be in their first video, whos friends with Natalie Portman who was in Star Wars with Hayden Christensen and then he turned into Darth Vader, who kills Obi won kenobi who was played by Ewan Mcgregor in the newest ones, whos in the movie with scarlett johansen who watches dawsons creek which stars Josh Jackson whos hot and Canadian, and katie holmes whos going out with Freak Cruise, whos been a movie with just about everyone who you can post about... haha i have no fucking life!

and i do realize that i used the word "who" in there SO many times, but thats WHO i am! haha

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